For bird lovers

In Conil de a Frontera, “El Olivar de Roche Viejo” is located on the “Costa de Trafalgar”, very close to the 5 Natural Parks and the National Park that exist in Cádiz; In a small radio we can observe various sea birds and terrestrial birds (Common Moor, Common Eagle, Redshank, Common Kestrel, Egret, Buitron, Common Shrike, Common Charran, Spoonbills, Royal Owl, Ibis Eremita, Common Crane or European Crane (Grus grus), Flamingos, Elanios, Kestrels, Kites, Common Morito, Hoopoes, Bee-eaters ….) and in short 1 day trips we can reach any of the 6 parks and enjoy its wonders.

The environment of our accommodation is bordered by a magnificent pine forest on one side and coastal cliffs and beautiful beaches overlooking the strait, to Morocco, on the other.

In section Surroundings (click on + info) we give you the links that will give you the necessary information about the Parks.

We love nature…

In our accommodation we take care of the environment, we save and recycle water, we use energy saving light bulbs or LEDs, we do not use chemical products in our gardens, we ask our customers to collaborate in the care of the environment, with the saving of water and energy, not we like noise, we do not like garbage, cigarette butts, cans in the countryside ..

Something funny…

We have a pair of owls that live and breed for several years in our palm trees .. in our garden .. because they are not disturbed ..

Our ethical principles…

Cárabo comúnThe ethical principles to observe the flora or fauna are our flag:
protect habitats

  • Proceed with maximum respect in taking photos or recordings
  • Avoid noise
  • Move away from breeding areas, courtship.
  • To stay on roads or paths so as not to harm the habitat
  • Do not publicize to crowds the presence of scarce, protected, delicate species

RUBISH, FIRE, HIGH NOISES … are our enemies.